A track and a story that talk about human relationships, first of all the one between doctors and the people met along the path.

“A project conducted by a neurologist with the aim of raising awareness on the topic of oncological disease and to help associations active in the battle against cancer.” Repubblica.it


“The track is just the top of the iceberg of a project that Dr. Bazzoli is developing in order to raise funds to finance the research on brain tumors.”



"The Other Side of the Bed"


“Who are you, on the other side of the bed ?”
This is the question that falls on the chorus.

These are the words that tell us how difficult it could be to fully reach the wishes and the needs of those by our side. 
So difficult that it might even seem impossible to «recognize» and understand each other.
The bed the song refers to, is primarly the one of the person affected by the disease: the question in the chorus comes back every time doctors and scientists cannot offer what the person needs: beat the disease.
So, cure and take care become closer, roles fade away , without white coats and beds: just people in front of each other; just dignity and grace, even if within suffering.

“Cause I am rough
And I can touch your face
But I can’t hold your grace”

The Story

"The Other Side of the Bed"


It’s a story, the one of this project, that reveals itself a little at a time.
It all began with a bunch of words written one night in one go. In English, maybe because of the sense of nostalgia for New York, or maybe because words sounded so soft.
A year went by, and then the melody came to mind. It was convincing, it stuck in mind. Like if every note perfectly expressed the original sensation of the lyrics.
Then the idea to make all this come true by contacting musicians that could create the arrangement, and to ask Alessandra Regosini to be the voice of the song.
That’s how the project starts taking its shape:
the song now supports the research on brain tumors.

The Illustrated Booklet

The project dreams . The song hopes to be part of an illustrated booklet of illustrations and short stories coming along with the CD of the track.
The illustrations by Lucia Conversi and the storytelling will still focus on the question “who are you?”, with a broader and more trasversal scenario.
We are now waiting to be able to publish the book: the idea is to find the booklet/CD on the shelf of a bookshop, one day, meant to be a gift, which proceeds will always sustain the research on brain tumors.

Our Vision

In a nutshell, our main aims are to spread awareness on these neoplasms and offering a concrete support to science.
In fact, there is a huge need of improving our basic knowledge regarding the mechanisms that generate and contribute to the diseases, and which make the cells of these tumors aggressive and resistant.
Increasing is the need of hope and lots of work to achieve new therapeutic approaches,.
That is why this website was created, to be a place where professional/medical attitudes can meet the most humanitarian and creative souls.


Direction & Editing: Elena Araldi
First camera operator and Dop: Joe Bastardi
Second camera operator: Elena Maggioni
Cast: Elena Bazzoli, Diego Belli, Emma e Giulio Cittadini
Singer: Alessandra regosini
Lyrics and melody: Elena Bazzoli
Arrangement: Anchise Bolchi, Daniele Zoncheddu
Foto Backstage: Ilaria Pedercini & Roberta Morè

First and previous website version: Marco Panichi


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